SEN info

Recognising and supporting children with SEN?

We recognise that all students may have special educational needs at some time in their educational setting and that provision for these needs is on a continuum. We regard the students’ self-esteem to be of vital importance to their learning and intend that students should not feel stigmatised by their need. Teachers aim to ensure that all students have the chance to succeed, whatever their individual needs and the potential barriers to their learning may be. 



Flowers Flexi Academy offers pupils a safe and secure environment, where staff are qualified to meet the student’s needs. Students have the ability to express concerns and take time out whenever required or deemed necessary. The staff within the department have a broad range of expertise including experience of working with pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Autistic Spectrum Condition, ADHD/ADD and Visual and Hearing impairment. We also have lots of experience with children with anxiety and mental and emotional wellbeing needs- we feel that our ethos and flexible and relaxing setting is a fantastic foundation for this need being positively met. 


Regular contact with parents is seen as essential to provide parents who home educate with the subject provision and social opportunities provided so that they can use this to support the rest of their home education provision. We value and welcome the perspectives of parents on their children's special educational needs. We also welcome any help parents can give to their children at home; the Coordinator or one of the teachers is  available to advise on the ways that parents might help their children and to discuss any worries or give information on progress. The school takes very seriously any complaints by parents or pupils (see ‘Flowers Flexi Academy Complaints Procedure’). Parents also have a right to appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST), where the claim is that a child has been discriminated against because of a disability. 

Multi agency working:

We are happy to liaise with other professionals as part of a coordinated approach to provide for individual students needs. We will also utilise existing plans and provision to support students too.

Transition within and between Schools:  

We aim to support the transition of pupils within Flowers Flexi Academy, between schools or onwards to FE by providing relevant information to the receiving Key stage, school or college. We recognise the importance of the transition process for pupils with SEN and the need for affective co-operation between the different agencies involved.  We would usually Draw up reports and ILPs together with the pupil, at the end of KS2 or KS3 for transition to the next stage or to our Colours Academy Full time provision. 

We are not able to accept the funding for children with EHCPs our Flowers Flexi academy as we are not a full time provision. However such opportunity can available at our full time school Colours Academy .